August Library Meetup Roundup


We had a blast at our August library meetup! The San Marcos Public Library was accommodating as always, and we had a good turn-out of fifteen. We welcomed several new players, and a couple of people stopped by to learn more. One older gentleman was very surprised that people still play board games!

Either my hands were shaky or I need to bring a better camera with me. Either way, I’m having trouble taking pictures that aren’t blurry. (I suspect the problem is the depth of field between the board on the table and the faces of the players — it’s hard to keep everything in focus!) I did get a few decent snaps off, though.

Medina was one of the first games out. I’ve never been too clear on what you do in this game, but it has big chunky pieces and is therefore a cool game.

Here’s an overhead shot of the board.

Meanwhile, a raging fire broke out at another table. Flash Point: Fire Rescue was a big hit, and even though the group was beaten the first time they just set the game up and took it on again. Victory was theirs in the second round… will they dare Veteran level next time?

Meanwhile, I was learning Lords of Waterdeep the hard way. It’s a neat little worker placement game — on the light side but with more flavor than you would expect from such an abstract game mechanic.

Other games played included Citadels, Libertalia, and just a little bit of The Adventurers before we had to pack up and call it a day. (Or at least take the gaming conversations out into the parking lot.) A good time was hopefully had by all, and we’ll be back for our next library meetup on September 22!

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