Friday Night in the Dungeon!


We have a new event lined up for this Friday evening! Member Vincent would like to get together at Mochas and Javas for longer game; he proposes Settlers of Catan or (if available) Dungeon!

We visited Mochas and Javas for our first event, and it’s a lovely place to play games. It’s quiet, the staff were very friendly, and there’s a comfortable nook near the back where you can draw up a couch and chairs and play. I can also testify that the gelato is delicious.

Space is a little bit limited for this event, since Vincent is looking to get together for a specific game that accommodates only a limited number of players. On the other hand, if a bunch of people show up and there’s another set on hand to play, there’s no reason everyone can’t get in on the game. Either way, this is a good one to sign up in advance at our Meetup site.

One more note: playing Dungeon! depends on someone having a copy available to play. Can anybody help out?

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