Last Month at Game Meetup


I’ve got a new game in that awkward stage where it needs lot of attention, so I’m just now catching up with an roundup of our October Library Meetup. Here we go!

Attendance was light last month, but we got in some great games. Our Castle Panic game was just about as close to defeat as you can get, with just one wall and one tower standing when the last monsters were defeated! I’d love to get in another game soon using the Wizard’s Tower expansion.

The next game to hit the table was Sour Apples to Apples, a extra-goofy variant of an already silly game. In addition to picking the best card, the judge also picks a worst card, who has to click the green apple spinner and pay a small penalty. Messing with the apple is so much fun that you have the incentive to play the worst card you can.

Smash Up was the last game to hit the table, and it is a hoot. (It’s a very popular lunchtime game at work, because it plays fast and has zombies and ninjas in it.) The concept is ridiculously simple and fun: there are eight different decks, each with a gamer-beloved theme like aliens or robots. Pick two decks, put them together and beat up the opponents’ decks!

All and all, it was a fun afternoon, and this report is so late that our November meetup is just around the corner. Join us Sunday, November 24 at 1 p.m. at the San Marcos Public Library for more fun and games!

Archived from the San Marcos Board Gamers website.

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