Thursday Night Gaming at Cephas House!


The San Marcos Board Gamers have a new venue! On Thursday, January 12, we start weekly meetups at Cephas House, a community center run by the City of San Marcos. Our official time is from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm, and we have a little wiggle room for long games.

Cephas House is one of the gems of the city’s Parks and Recreation department. Originally the home of early 20th century blacksmith Ulysses Cephas, it was redeveloped into a community center in 2013. The city uses it to host meetings, yoga and boxing classes, and now us!

Cephas House on 217 MLK Drive

Inside Cephas House

Much of the house was restored with its original materials and designs, but the interior is now a large event space. There’s plenty of room for us, along with the usual tables and reasonably comfortable folding chairs.

Plenty of room!

Food and (non-alcoholic) drink are welcome, as long as we clean up after ourselves. There’s also a small kitchen and coffee pot that we can put to use.

Cephas House is wheelchair-accessible through the back door, and free parking is available across the street at the Calaboose African-American Museum.

Partnering With the City

The most amazing thing about this space is that it’s free.

Let that sink in for a moment. Event space is expensive around here. We’ve been looking around for a while and most public venues run $50 to $75 an hour. The San Marcos Public Library is an exception, and has been tremendously supportive of our monthly meetups. But their space is in a lot of demand. There’s a limit to how much they can accommodate any one group.

With Cephas House, the city management recognizes that offering a regular venue for small classes and organizations benefits everyone. They’re eager to have us meeting there, and all they ask is that we welcome everyone, have regular attendees, take good care of the space, and note Parks & Recreation as a co-sponsor for the events.

There is a tiny amount of paperwork involved. They’ve asked us to keep a sign-up sheet, and for attendees to sign a brief liability waiver. But that’s a small effort for the space we get.

Our agreement to use Cephas House runs throughout 2017, and if all goes well will roll over to future years. I hope you’re excited about this new venue, and that you will join us for the first of many game nights on January 12!

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