Good Times at the Library


Our July meeting at the San Marcos Public Library was also a big success! I actually took pictures this time, so I’ll let them tell the tale.

I got to try out Kingsburg, a worker placement game where you roll dice and hope the barbarian hordes don’t steamroll you at the end of the each year.

Meanwhile, another intrepid crew tried to save humanity from a Pandemic. Alas, the viruses won this time, and the world was doomed.

Undaunted, some players went on to race ostriches in Savannah Tails

… while others explored a spooky mansion in Betrayal at the House on the Hill.

Other games played included 7 Wonders, Set, and Zombie Dice. I took pictures of those too, but they’re blurry and incomprehensible. (So were a couple of my rules explanations, but everybody seemed to figure things out.)

If my count is correct, we had 18 attendees, including several people who dropped in when they came by the library on other business. I gave them this website address, so if you’ve followed the link and are reading this, thanks for coming and we hope you’ll join us again next time!

Speaking of next time, our next library meetup is scheduled for Sunday, August 25 at 1 p.m. Hope to see you then!

Archived from the San Marcos Board Gamers website.

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