The Limitations of a Nudge


I usually review books on my Goodreads account, but I’m kind of pleased with how this one turned out. So here are my thoughts on Nudge, a book I’ve been aware of for years but finally got a chance to read for myself. As it turned out, he said hoity-toitily, the timing was fortuitous.

Tokaido Review

When I wrote up last week’s list of great summer vacation games, I dug into the archives for a past review of Tokaido. Alas! There was none, which is an injustice to one of the better light games of the last few years. Let’s fix that now with a little trip down the Tokaido Road.

Three Great Summer Vacation Board Games

Summer is in full swing! It’s a great time for biking, hiking, and swimming in the pool. Here in San Marcos, it’s also 98 degrees on a cool day, so biking and hiking are sweaty affairs and there’s only so long you can spend in the pool before you get all wrinkly. With that in…

Inside Out and the Perils of Game Writing

inside out

My family and I saw Inside Out a few days ago we loved it. My 11-year-old daughter pronounced it the “best Pixar movie EVER!” for obvious reasons. Me? I laughed, I cried, and I wondered why game writing can’t be as good as a great family film. It’s not as if the bar is that high….

Molecular Review

Our game group had a fun opportunity at yesterday’s meetup. We got to play Molecular, a new chemistry-themed game that will be launching on Kickstarter on June 28. So… did we form a strong chemical bond with it, or is it a little too free radical?

Minecraft and the Single Girl

minecraft characters

It should come as no surprise that my daughters love Minecraft. With over 60 million copies sold, it’s hard to find a kid who doesn’t. But I was a little surprised to see how just one “little” thing could make them love it even more.

Heroes of the Storm and Fear of Trying

For a guy who doesn’t much care for MMOs or RTS games, I think about Blizzard a lot. Some of that is Diablo, which is one of my favorite games. Some of that is Hearthstone, which is the game I most wish I had designed. And most of it is my fascination with how Blizzard…