Why Are My Kickstarter Releases On Time?

A few days ago, I received shipping notifications for the releases of Tesla vs. Edison and Evolution: Flight. My first thought was “yay!” And my second thought was, “I hope I can keep up with all my new games?” And my third thought was “What’s with all these game releases happening all at once?”

How Monopoly Went Corporate


If you’re a game history weirdo nerd buff, you know about Monopoly: created as social criticism, became a folk game, stolen by Charles Darrow, etc. Old top hat, really, but Mary Pilon’s recent book The Monopolists is a good read that brings this history to life.

ePawn Arena: Do Gamers Need It?

Gamers love gadgets. Gamers love games. It should be no surprise that gamers want to combine these loves, and a new product just launched on Kickstarter to do that. But is the ePawn Arena for real, or is it just another tabletop white elephant?