Paperback Plays Well, Looks Spartan

Tim Fowers’ Paperback card game is a unique crossover between word games and deck builders. I’m a big fan of both genres, so I couldn’t resist picking the physical game up after its 2014 release. I also couldn’t resist the new iOS version, so how does the game stand up as an app?

Drunk Debate Bingo: The Game

drunk debate bingo header

Many years ago, I was one of several redshirts who created a Star Trek drinking game. Since old friends and the Internet never forget the sins of your youth, a friend asked me this morning, “Do you have time to put together a “Drunk Debate” game before 9:00 pm EDT tonight? Please and thank you.” Ashley, this is YOUR fault.

The Top 5 Star Trek Board Games

“The Man Trap” premiered on September 8, 1966, which means that Star Trek has been living long and prospering for fifty years! If you’d like to celebrate with a board game and something… green…  here are five great choices.

Which Board Games Would You Take to Mars?

There’s a delightful thread on the Board Game Geek website about the 6 “astronauts” who simulated a Mars mission in Hawaii for a year. At least one member of the team brought a “mountain” of board games, which begs an irresistible question: which board games would you take to Mars?