Teaching the Dance in Apiary

When Stonemaier Games announced Apiary, its new worker placement game about futuristic bees in space, I was all over it. I loved the theme, the highly paintable queen bee miniature, and the prospect of a flexible worker placement system. I’ve had a couple of chances to play the game since it arrived, and Apiary delivers…

Stationfall and the Power of Narrative

Stationfall cover

I’ve been spending a lot of time with Stationfall, the “party game for hardcore gamers” in which you play several members of a wacky cast of misfits running around a crashing space station. Honestly, this game pretty much had me at “hello”. The rules get a little complicated, but bear with me as I summarize….

Games Played: Q4 2020

unlock box

I’m hip-deep in my master’s thesis at the moment, but I still want to take a few minutes to write up last quarter’s games played while it’s still “last quarter”. Who says procrastination can’t also be productive?

Hades and My Favorite Game of 2020

outside the House of Hades

I’ve played a bunch of good analog and digital games over the last year — Slay the Spire is particularly notable — but the last few weeks have been eaten by the critical darling of 2020: Hades. If you’ve paid any attention to critics’ best of the year lists, you’ve heard about Hades. Heck, this…