About Me

Chris Aylott is a game designer and freelance writer who has spent over ten years building systems and economic engines for tabletop, web-based and mobile games. He currently divides his time between consulting, freelancing, and working on a master’s degree in Game Studies at Tampere University. He also writes journalism, trend analysis and think pieces for himself and anyone else who wants him to. A professional dilettante, his interests include:

  • behavioral economics
  • board games
  • casual games
  • cognitive development
  • editing
  • education
  • emerging markets
  • game theory
  • media studies
  • player motivation
  • playtesting
  • political history
  • roleplaying games
  • serious games
  • technology
  • and anything else that might endanger a curious cat.

Chris’s LinkedIn page is here, and his Goodreads author page is there. A portfolio of past work is in progress and will be posted… someday.

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