Gold Armada is Not a Monet

gold armada cover

Gold Armada has all the signs of a classic Reiner Knizia game: simple rules, fast play, nice production values. The 2017 release has also faded into obscurity, which makes me wonder: why isn’t there any room for games like Gold Armada in today’s board game market?

Busy September!

Earlier this year, I asked what the group should be doing more of. Based on our September events, it looks like the answer is: lots! We’re halfway through the month we’ve had plenty of meet-ups, including special game nights devoted to Settlers of Catan and chess. There’s even momentum building up for gatherings built around Dungeons &…

April Library Meetup Roundup!

The dead were on the loose at our April library meetup! Fortunately, they were the polite sort and let us get in some other games too. Short and evil were the order of the day early on, as The Duke, Hey! That’s My Fish and Quicksand hit the table. Hey! That’s My Fish has sassy penguin figures…