February Meetup Pictures


Our February meetup at the San Marcos Public Library went off without a hitch, but work issues have kept me from posting the photos for now. (Never fear, though, the workload should lighten up a bit in coming weeks — either because the game I’ve been working on will be out or the whole team will have collapsed from exhaustion. Or both!)

We had a good crowd, though, and a bunch of fun games hit the table. One happy surprise was an classic from 1986: Fireball Island!

The brave adventurers race to the jewel!

This game is beloved to every gamer who was eight when it first came out, and a pretty good play for everyone else. It’s a roll-and-move race game at heart, but you can play cards to mess up your opponents. Even better, you can trigger red marble “fireballs” to roll¬†over¬†your opponents. There’s plenty of mayhem and just enough strategy to keep you interested between the disasters.

I also got Robo Rally on the table, though I chose the checkpoint flags poorly. I kept them close together (always a good idea), but started the race on an extremely difficult section of the board. Much robot destruction ensued, but there were a fair amount of laughs along the way.

Puzzling over Robo Rally.

Also played: Kingdom Builder, Dominion, and I may have gotten distracted by fireballs and missed something along the way. Overall, our February meetup had good turnout and great games, and we’re looking forward to getting together again on March 23!

Archived from the San Marcos Board Gamers website.


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