March Meetup Roundup

I’m still having trouble keeping this blog up to date, but there’s a good reason for these March meetup notes to be late. The game I’ve been working on was released worldwide on March 27 — it’s called Star Wars: Assault Team, and you can find it on iTunes and the Google Play store worldwide. It’s doing pretty well, but let’s get on to the meetup!

We had a great turnout for our March meetup, and some fun games hitting the table. The most offbeat game had to be Kolejka, a Polish game about life in the breadlines in the bad old days of Communist Poland. Each of the players patiently lined up their meeples, then schemed to boot the other players’ meeples out of the line so they could get what little was on the shelves. From what I heard at the next table, the game is vicious in all the right ways.

In Soviet Poland, meeples play with YOU!

Not everyone at our March meetup remembers the Cold War, though. My daughters had brought along their new copy of Sorry, and well… the picture below says it all.

She’s not sorry at all about bumping her daddy
back to the start.

Other games included Qwirkle, The Duke, Ta YuTrans America, and probably at least one other game that I just don’t remember two weeks later. I’ll try to do a little better for our April meetup, which is coming up fast. Join us Sunday, April 27 at our usual spot in the San Marcos Public Library — but watch out for the little girls. They play to win!

Archived from the San Marcos Board Gamers website.