April Library Meetup Roundup!


The dead were on the loose at our April library meetup! Fortunately, they were the polite sort and let us get in some other games too.

Short and evil were the order of the day early on, as The DukeHey! That’s My Fish and Quicksand hit the table. Hey! That’s My Fish has sassy penguin figures and looks like it should be cute and adorable, but it’s really a cutthroat game of carving out territory and leaving all the other penguins stranded.

Quicksand is just as vicious — it’s a race game where everybody pretends they’re helping each other to the finish line, all the while looking for ways to get their own pawn out ahead and strand the others.

The pawn that will win the game for you is a secret, so there’s a bluffing element, and I’m proud to say I had my own daughter fooled all game about which piece I was secretly rooting for. I’m not quite as proud about the fact that my pawn finished near the back of the pack, though.

Dead Panic was the big game of the afternoon. Its older brother Castle Panic is a local favorite, so we were eager to give this one a try. We were actually a little tripped up by our knowledge of Castle Panic — the systems are just different enough that knowing the rules of the first game makes it harder to learn the new one.

The first round was a bit of a slog as a result, but the pace picked up as soon as we actually knew what we’re doing. It’s a fun game with lots of opportunities for roleplaying and zombie mayhem, so I suspect it’ll be hitting the table again.

This week is a busy one for the group — the April library meetup was yesterday and we have more Games at the Hungry Gamer tomorrow! Those Tuesday gatherings are off to a good start — look for them to happen every couple of weeks, and we’ll see you back at the San Marcos Public Library on May 18!

Archived from the San Marcos Board Gamers website.

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