Mare Nostrum: Empires Review

Mare Nostrum is back! It took about a year from the initial Kickstarter announcement, but copies landed in backers hands this summer and we’re played it our our June and July meetups. So how does the Academy Games edition of this grail game stand up?

Ticket to Ride Pulls Out of a New Station

Ticket to Ride after dark

Ticket to Ride has enjoyed a lot of success on the Internet. It was one of the first hobby board games to be playable online, and the online version’s success has played a big role in recruiting the game’s 4 million fans. Publisher Days of Wonder has every reason not to fix what ain’t broke,…

Tokaido Review

When I wrote up last week’s list of great summer vacation games, I dug into the archives for a past review of Tokaido. Alas! There was none, which is an injustice to one of the better light games of the last few years. Let’s fix that now with a little trip down the Tokaido Road.