Fuji Flush Adds New Twist to Numbers Games

There are hundreds of card games built around numbers. You match them in poker and crazy eights. You order them in trick-taking and ladder games. It’s hard to imagine that there are any new twists on number card games left to be found — and then a game like Fuji Flush comes along.

When Powering Up Is Also a Reboot

History, science, and technology have a magnetic pull for me, which makes me a natural customer of Dirk Knemeyer‘s publishing company Artana Games. I couldn’t resist last year’s Tesla vs. Edison: War of Currents, and was quick to pick up its new expansion, Powering Up. So was this trip to the past worth my time?

Paperback Plays Well, Looks Spartan

Tim Fowers’ Paperback card game is a unique crossover between word games and deck builders. I’m a big fan of both genres, so I couldn’t resist picking the physical game up after its 2014 release. I also couldn’t resist the new iOS version, so how does the game stand up as an app?