Games Played: Rest of 2019

evolution symbiosis

School has been a mixed blessing for my ongoing project to play more of my board games. I’ve had more Professional Reasons to play than ever before… but also less time to write and reflect on games played. That said, let’s see how the back half of 2019 went. What did I play?

Back to School

back to school

I have a carefully honed self-image as a doer, not a studier. For years, I’ve avoided formal school and embraced learning on the job. So what on earth am I doing in a Master’s degree program at Tampere University?

How Tapestry Set Fire to Board Games

tapestry box

Stonemaier Games dropped a bomb on the board game world last week by announcing a new game: Tapestry. In the days since, thousands joined the game’s Facebook group. The game’s listing shot to #1 on Board Game Geek’s “Hotness” chart. It’s a hit! But how did this happen?

Playing My Games: Q2 2019

wingspan cover

Previously on Playing My Games: I have a lot of favorite board games! I’m collecting less and playing my games more! I’m keeping track of what I play and writing about it every few months! So, how’s it going now that the second quarter is all wrapped up?

Gold Armada is Not a Monet

gold armada cover

Gold Armada has all the signs of a classic Reiner Knizia game: simple rules, fast play, nice production values. The 2017 release has also faded into obscurity, which makes me wonder: why isn’t there any room for games like Gold Armada in today’s board game market?