My Top 100 Board Games – 2018

There are just a few hours left in 2018, but that’s enough time to do something I’ve been meaning to do for six months. Let’s stop procrastinating and finish out the year with a big-time, genuine, all-beef official Top 100 Board Games list!

Essen Observations

The Essen International Spieletag is the Mecca of board game events, and this weekend I finally had the chance to make the pilgrimage. So, what did I learn in the name of fun and professional development? 

Ethical Monetization?

back to school for monetization

Last week I took a day trip to Helsinki for a “Monetization in Games” seminar at the Aalto Design Factory. The focus was on how to do monetization “effectively and ethically”, and I’m a fan of at least one of those.

Of Rats and Cats

Last night — after 24 years — I went back to Cats. I first saw it in 1984 in Tokyo with my parents and sister; this second trip was in Tampere with my wife and daughters. Some things have changed along the way.

Message in a Mailbox

Recently, my old college offered alumni the chance to send a letter to the current owners of our old student union mailbox numbers. Somehow, I got old enough to think this was a good idea.